General Information/Expectations

Hours of Operation

  · Regular School Day Monday – Friday 7:35 am to 3:05 pm

  · Teacher Work Day 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

Curriculum and Instruction

Field trips

All field trips must be approved by the principal and superintendent prior to receipting funds.

Overnight field trips must be approved by the principal, superintendent, and Chairman of the Board of Education prior to receipting funds or organizing logistics.  (Note:  These requests must be signed by the principal and forwarded to the Central Office one week prior to the scheduled monthly board meeting.)

 Anyone interested in chaperoning a field trip must be on the Whiteville City Schools approved volunteer list.



All fundraisers must be approved by the Board of Education.  Fundraising activities cannot begin until approval is granted.
Written requests for fundraising activities should be forwarded to the principal with the following information:

1.   Who is conducting the fundraiser? (Club or Athletic Team)

2.   Where will the fundraiser take place?

3.   Who is the WHS staff member spearheading the fundraiser?

4.   What will the funds obtained by the fundraiser be used for?

5.    What are the dates and times of the fundraisers?
Teacher Observations

Beginning Teachers (Years 1 through 4)

o   4 Full Observations (1 Peer and 3 Principal)

o   Summative Evaluation

Tenured Teachers in their renewal year (5th year)

o   1 Full observation and 2 snapshots (Principal)

o   Summative Evaluation

Career Abbreviated (Tenured and Non-Tenured)

o   2 snapshots (Principal and/or designee)

o   Abbreviated summative