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2020-2021 Student Walking Path

WHS pedestrian traffic route 102120.pdf

Plan A Opportunity For Students

Students that are not on Plan C and would like to attend 4 days a week at school need to email Mr. Hobbs at

Mr. Hobbs will check your schedule to see if your teachers have room on the extra days you have requested. If approved Mr. Hobbs will let you know when your 4 days will start. You must have transportation for the approved extra days. If you are not approved Mr. Hobbs will place you on a waiting list.

Electronic Devices

  • Attention students beginning Thursday Sept. 12, 2019 you may not have any electronic devices or accessories out or displayed during the school day. All electronic devices and accessories must be put away in your backpack or pocket.. Consequences will result in handing over your device to the teacher or principal until a parent picks it up. Refusal to hand over your device will result in a 10 day suspension along with handing over of device.