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Welcome to School Shelf a digital resource for parents and students. Areas covered are: Academic, Transitions, College Planning and Preparation, Career Planning and Preparation, Bullying and School Safety, Soft Skills, Life Skills, Mental Health, Parent Involvement and many more. Use the link below to access this information and more.

On To College Prep Program

On To College Prep Program Link - Use this link to log into the Prep Program. This program offers prep materials for the following tests, ACT, SAT, and Study Skills.

Message for Parents:

Username is students email address.


Seniors- whs2022!

Juniors- whs2023!

Sophomores- whs2024!

Freshman- whs2025!

All rising WHS Juniors, Class of 2023, may start using the ACT Prep Course at this time. The ACT test date for all 11th Graders will be March 1, 2022. Our school goal is to increase the number of students scoring a 17 or higher on their composite score.

ACT Prep Course Schedule

ACT Prep Curriculum

ACT Prep Course Summary

ACT Prep Assignment Schedule

All rising WHS Sophomores, Class of 2024, may start using the Pre Act Prep course at this time. The Pre ACT test date for all 10th Graders will be October 26, 2021.

Pre ACT Prep Course Schedule

Pre ACT Prep Course Summary