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A Message from the Administration

Welcome to Whiteville High School,

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. Our faculty and staff are eager to work with you in a variety of settings to ensure a rigorous and successful school experience. New opportunities await you as Wolfpack Country continues to offer a broad, rigorous curriculum. Our goal is to be student-centered and data driven, so you can be successful academically in a safe, caring, and orderly school that provides support for every student.

Beginning today, you have an excellent opportunity to lay the foundation for strong academic and co-curricular success, as well as experience a sense of school spirit not found in any other area high school. We hope you will identify goals, commit to demanding strategies, and fulfill all your responsibilities to ensure a positive, meaningful year. We challenge you to take advantage of the many opportunities offered for a well-rounded education. Don’t ever be hesitant to ask questions or solicit assistance from any staff member.

This handbook was created to provide you with important information regarding school programs, policies, procedures, and rules. In addition, you will receive a copy of the Whiteville City Schools’ Parent/Student Information Guide. Please use both handbooks wisely. You are responsible for the information in both handbooks, so we encourage you and your parents to review and discuss this information.

Our goals are to encourage students to take learning seriously and provide a safe and orderly environment to ensure that learning can take place. We expect students to perform at their highest academic potential, to conduct themselves in the highest level of behavior possible, and to respect themselves and others at all times. Finally, we act in “loco parentis” while you are involved in any activity affiliated with Whiteville High School. That means we act in place of your parents to make wise and prudent decisions concerning your health, safety, and welfare within the educational environment. While we may not always make the same decisions as your parents, we will always be focused on your safety and academic interests.

Best Wishes for a successful school year!

Michael Hobbs, Principal

Kalee Hill, Assistant Principal

Stephen Clontz, Assistant Principal